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77 Water Street, Suite 7000
New York, Alabama 10005
United States
2127044510 ******* *******
I am a Freelancer at Field engineer which is an On-Demand Marketplace which connects businesses and freelance engineers in the Networking industry. I comprehend the progressing technology patterns and keep Myself refreshed in the technology industry.

What is is a global on-demand field service marketplace connecting telecommunications and service providers to a global pool of skilled field engineers who are available on-demand. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of on-demand technicians and enterprises that deliver a competitive advantage to a business. makes it possible for telecommunications firms to find the engineering talent they need on a flexible basis.

When you require a specialist engineer to complete a project, has more than 40,000 certified and qualified service engineers in over 170 countries, is an easy-to-use global marketplace that can act both as a strategic support function for large-scale firms looking for cost-effective, on-demand global resources, and also serve to enable small- to medium-sized enterprise companies scale up to meet one-off projects or manage growth cycles.