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Today we will share hot tips on how to buy a pair of the best basketball shoes.Pick up the shoe, and place it toe to heel between your palms then push your palms towards each other squeezing the shoe. In the event you loved this information and you wish to receive more details relating to best basketball shoes for ankle support please visit our internet site. The shoe should only flex at the ball of the foot (about of the way to the front). If it flexes through the middle, throw it away.Grab hold of the heel and the toe and try to twist the shoe. You want good strong resistance, if it twists past about a of a turn, throw it away.

Lastly and most importantly,push into the back of the heel with your thumb. The stronger the better.The basketball shoes have a plastic cup (called a heel counter) built in and they should not move at all. If there is a little bit of movement be weary, but if u can flatten or push it in a lot...throw it away.

Ankle height

Almost everyone will have an opinion on the ankle height of the best basketball shoe and the benefit of it. However, the midsole (which is what you are testing in the three-point-test) is the most important for stability and support, not the ankle. The height around an ankle will have no physical effect on whether you will roll an ankle or not, however it can give you the mental security of feeling of greater stability (known as proprioception). One thing to consider though, if you wear ankle braces, take these with you when you try the shoes on to make sure that they fit.

Fitting the foot

Everyone has a different shape foot, and more often than not, will have different sizes between their own feet. It is best to get your feet measured at a professional store (such as The Athletes Foot) where they measure both feet for length AND width. You will find every brand has a different shape and one may suit the shape of your foot better, so try them on. The less movement at the heel the better. As kids are always growing, if you want to get a size larger for growing room, wear two pairs of socks to start with, but be sure to try them on with two pairs on! Even in a snug fitting shoe, there should be room around the toes to wiggle them freely. Keep in mind your feet swell during exercise, and it is far worse to get a shoe too tight than a little loose (again, just wear a second pair of socks).


You want as flat a sole as possible allowing as much ground contact as possible. A traditional 'herring-bone' tread pattern which looks like lots of zig-zags is ideal for grip. For durability,sports shoes where the tread wraps up the side of the shoe is best. Looking at the sole of the shoe, a wide mid-foot is good too, this will usually help prevent mid-foot twisting too (test 2 of the three-point-test).

In conclusion, our top tips for the best basketball shoe selection...Use 3 point test (check shoe flexion, twist, & heel counter).Remember ankle height is of more of a fitting concern rather than increasing ankle stability.Make sure the basketball shoe is a snug fit with minimal heel movement.Ensure it's a flat sole with a broad midfoot tread.